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Artesanias La Catrina

Centuries of History in each Product

Artesanias la Catrina is a local store that offers a wide variety of traditional mexican decorative staff. However, that’s only a brief description of what it really means our store. For us, this is a place to express our proud for our own culture and long national story.

We come here to spread the word about our beautiful and amazing people. In this sense, we also try our best to express mexican principles such as honesty, responsibility, and integrity while taking care of every aspect that you consider important for your comfort.

Every single detail of your needs are covered by our creative products. You just need to ask, and we will have a vast list of options that will help you solve your issues.


Why Choose Us?

Our store is unique in its sense that we put a piece of the mexican essense in each of our products.


Our main mission is to spread the amazing mexican culture throughout the world.


Be the main reference in the region for acquiring traditional mexican products.

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Centuries of History in each Product

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